The Urge to protect the ego

A few million years ago the human being lived on the savannah. There, with all the uncertainty and fear of being eaten up by the sabertooth tiger, we all moved in masses and made sure we were always together so that we were safe and protected.

Fast forward to today with all the comforts taken care of, we are still fearful of leaving the herd because we are scared of being judged or accused of abandoning the herd. However we are going to talk about the other side today.

The herd that the courageous human being leaves, how do they react? It is not only that one member from their status quo has decided to be and do something different; it is simply their ego that has been slayed.

So what does the slayed ego do? Nothing much, just the meaningless emotional blackmail trauma followed by questioning each habit and step of the erstwhile tribe member. Well, the slayed ego simply forgot that the tribe member who followed their own heart was the only one who never ever questioned their herd member’s irrelevant behaviour.

Quick lesson: Martin Luther King, Nelson Mandela, Gandhi: the people who changed the world were never accepted at all. These were the people with whom world got so uncomfortable that they were killed, instead of being revered and gracefully taken pride of.

My fellow readers, the path of authenticity is not an easy one. Rather it is the easiest thing you could ever do. Because when you will have yourself on your path, everything else and everyone else will join The Real Courageous You. They have no choice not to.