Ways to live life

There are multitude of ways to live our life. You may spend it smoking, drinking, getting angry, blaming people and chilling out.

Or you may choose the difficult way. To find your own way. By getting out of your own way. By choosing to make the lives of other people better by living a life of giving.

It is easy to live the first one. You know why? Because it does not involve any responsibility. It is okay to be sick and tired there. Here, you have gotta own your life and own your life story. You have gotta forgive people, meditate for the happiness of those who hurt you, get out of your own way to live your purpose, and also let go of the chilly comments made at you.

It is not easy. An excellent life is not easy.

Btw, just FYI, so is not an irresponsible life.

You get to decide. As always.