Secret of supersuccess

Here is the way superstars become superstars: they show up to do the work. Day after day. Even when they don’t feel like. Even when they were ridiculed. Even when the world called them crazy.

Show up dude, to the people who will be inspired and influenced by your work. Show up not for yourself rather for the lives you will be impacting by your service. Yes results matter, however show up for the fulfilment you will feel on a work well executed to the brim of excellence and ever-expanding.

You need not need anyone else to show you the way. The best way to do a task has not yet been invented and that is why it is the best way and that is the very reason it has been entrusted as your life’s mission. Had it been the mundane, average level work it would not have been worth the excitement and adventure your life is looking for.

Act like the supersuccessful, so you shall be.