In search of authenticity

Man’s search for authenticity begins in the hours of solitude and being disturbed by people and circumstances.

Unless we decide to act otherwise.

There is an elderly man of 75 in a fruit market close to my place. He knows his forte: selling bananas and papayas in winters and bananas and melons in summers. He sits on the very cart where his fruits are placed. Oh, btw, he has the best fruits in the market.

Well, that’s entrepreneurship. You know why?

  1. Taau, as everyone addresses him, is happy in his work. I am sure he dreamt of being happy and growing phenomenally in the work of his choice and he is. Undoubtedly. Happier than the air conditioned and anger conditioned human beings.
  2. He does not compete with others. While all the young bloods in the market go for selling the expensive fruits as well, Taau has the beauty and joy of selling very limited yet best items. Focus baby focus, narrower customers better quality of delivery.
  3. Taau has no time for fake talk. He does not need it. (Bonus point: no one needs it. People are so scared of taking their own responsibility that they take other people’s responsibilities.)

Now that’s called authenticity. Being you in the world. Self-respect and dignity will not be given to you. You have to earn it by being vulnerable. Be true to your dreams and let go of the ridicule. You know in your heart how amazing the world is gonna be if and only if you took charge of your own life fully.