How to do amazing work

The secret to doing amazing work is to do a lot of work.

The secret to getting supersuccessful is to fail faster.

The secret to gaining trust of others is not to break it; and if you cannot keep the promises, make it clear or do not make them, however breach of trust is not the way of the hero.

The secret to superawesome health is showing up to the gym and doing the workout, 6 days a week.

The secret to a peaceful mind is creating time for meditation, morning and evening, and simply doing it. No matter what. (Not to forget that the remote control of our happiness is only with us.)

The secret to knowing all the secrets is that we know them all in the first place. We just need to decide. Who is going to win? The habits of checking what someone else is doing or saying, or making the world amazing by being a contributor and not a taker.