Make an attempt…

Make an attempt to never demolish someone else’s dreams. The hurt they will create is more than enough to boomerang.

Make an attempt to simply give an opinion and not expect the other person to accept it. Every single human has a different lens to view the world.

Make an attempt to take steps which are not fuelled by energy of pain from anyone.

Make an attempt to accept each one as they are. You have no idea (even if they are your family member or close friend) as to what they are going through.

Make an attempt to not make any promise vis-á-vis making fake ones. The other person might just never trust anyone ever again because of a single broken promise.

Make an attempt to apologise when you are mistaken, and even when you are not. Ego and self esteem are different. Slay the former, protect the latter.

Make an attempt to laugh as you used to when you were a kid. No one is judging you darling, I promise.

Make an attempt to be yourself, everyone else is taken; as Oscar Wilde said.

Make an attempt to work for your dreams. For two reasons: your happiness and the people who might live their lives in deadliest of pains if you do not step up to your real self.

Make an attempt to be kind with yourself. We all have been hurt. We all make mistakes. You will find your solace not in playing like victim rather in learning from your mistakes.

The best of the best have not only been ridiculed, they have been killed and every attempt has been made against them. In the end, only the determined and disciplined human mind and heart wins.