The Crutch we all lean against

The wall you see here is the real breaking news. That just needs to be broken.

Allll the people in this picture are leaned against the crutch wall, unaware of what openness lies right in front of them.

Why do we cling to the wall even if there is the entire vast space of infinity offering itself to us? Because we fail to see our own potential, and wait for our boss / spouse / parents to recognise it.

Unless you have exercised the audacity to walk alone in the field of infinite possibility, you will never know who you are. Which also means, you never faced real joy (as corny as it sounds) and invited happiness to enter your life. Which also means, that you wasted an opportunity called Life gifted to you by the one Who believed unconditionally in you.

Have the audacity to go on the path of your choice my friend, you will be the proudest person of this distillation process.