Getting out of the “me”

Simply said, it means:

  • Being nice and kind even when people are not vice versa
  • Feeding the soul, starving the ego, knowing the difference
  • Choosing learning over entertainment
  • Smiling instead of showing your own grudges
  • Having tremendous energy
  • Being versatile in terms of beliefs
  • Eating healthy food when it is the easiest to slip to eating junk
  • Being chilled out in a world too defeated emotionally and physically by devices (Bonus point: your chilled out nature spreads far and wide)
  • Understanding that it takes only one person to make a relationship wonderful and not a round table “you-did-this” meeting
  • Being authentic even when you are not being watched
  • Having the basic manners of looking at the person and not the device

Most importantly, taking care of yourself during the day because only when your cup runneth over, your are going to run the beams of your happiness.