How we dim the light of others (and how not to do it)

We dim the light of everyone who trusts us by laughing at their wildest dreams, by getting angry with them for trivia (and non-trivia), how we dismiss their points of views, and how we leave them alone emotionally when all they need is a comforting moment from a human being filled with love and not ego.

You and I were entrusted with two responsibilities when we were born: to take care of your own self, and to take care of everyone. Well, here is the pleasant irony: when you take care of yourself first, you automatically end up taking care of every human being.

Most people are not kind or are self-obsessed because they are in a lot of pain. Pain is surprisingly a fuel as long as you feel it and get through it, instead of allowing it to be numbed and pop out as diabetes or cancer some time down the line.

Your light shines brighter when it shines on other people. Give us all the privilege to have it; and watch what magic happens.