To walk your talk

Confucius said it so aptly: “Before you set out to seek revenge, better dig two graves.”

The theory of expectation states in order to expect something from the other person, you must be and do something good to them. True? False. Because you may be rich in your well of giving and forgiveness. Probably you are having billions of dollars in your bank account and the human being in front of you is bankrupt.

So what do we do? We often tell them about the 1000 dollars we lent them and also criticise them for not giving us a dime in return.

They are bankrupt, how can they?

People, so does it happen when we unusually expect quid pro quo. That is rarely going to happen.

Why not try acceptance instead? It comes with far greater happiness and sheer lack of dependency on someone else to fulfil your inner well.

What say?

3 thoughts on “To walk your talk

  1. That’s true. As per Lord Buddha’s teachings we must observe the mental feelings and formations as the way they are. All of these have the nature of arising and passing away so clinging to them is a futile exercise.

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