The magic of surrendering

We all may go through life trying to be a control freak: taking things from all over the world and being in charge of every trivia and every detail.

Somehow, almost every time, it didn’t work.Unless we surrender everything. When we cede control to The Higher Power who is mightier than the loftiest dreams we could ever imagine, magic begins to emanate inevitably. And it takes practice: of surrender as a habit. You cannot cede control and take it back again. Once you give it away, just know that you are safe and protected always. Without an exception. Then all you have got to do is simply let God in, and let Him guide you in your actions, thoughts and emotions and see the magic unfold.O yes, your job is to do the job. You will never be spared from doing the job because no one achieves success by doing nothing. You will be spared from being tensed about your job. Lightness and happiness will be a way of your life. Just make one little leap of faith.