The challenge and the riddle

The challenge to solve and the riddle to demystify is not to convert bad into good. The whole game is to learn to dance with the bad, so that good pops itself out.

For example,

A colleague practising politics is not really bad, rather he is in so much pain that he does not know that his life itself is reflecting pain onto others.

The way of the hero is not to condemn or criticise that at the water cooler, the way is to understand the above fact, and in so doing your aura will radiate an acceptance towards him which will automatically transform him miraculously.

Or consider this: A human being making mistakes does not wake up each morning and say, “Today I am going to screw things up.”

If we understand that they may be struggling really very hard emotionally in their life that is leading them to make mistakes, we will end up making those humans superbly wonderful.

Rumi says it so perfectly, “Why stay stuck in prison when the door is wide open?”

All the solutions and powers that we are seeking lie in understanding, because innately all humans desire and strive only for happiness and peace, no matter how much flawed they are on the outside or how ruthless methods they are adopting.