Law of success

Success does involve work combined with unwavering belief in the goal.

However, that is not enough.

Persistence, when people around you have stopped believing in your vision.

Overcoming those periods of self-doubt, by taking strategic actions.

Being in the company of successful people and modelling them how they overcame their biggest challenges (life-changer).

Letting go of toxic people (super life-changer).

Deciding to be in a good mood always, no matter what.

Focusing on bringing value to the people we seek to serve versus falling into the trap of me-my-myself.

It turns out, that when we are clear in the way we conduct our lives, a path that is definitely going to be non-linear for the hero trying to craft their own path, all of a sudden, over compounded patience and shipping of work through deliberate practice, all of a sudden we witness an overnight success.