Creating effects with your aura

In an environment where everyone is going parallel, go perpendicular.

When everyone is criticising a difficult colleague, somehow go deep and show understanding.

When you are being asked to reduce the quality of your work because no one is watching, produce the best work possible because you go to sleep with yourself.

When it is difficult to get up and workout, go get up and hit the gym like never before.

When you are expected to piss off, be the kindest person you know, because everyone you meet is fighting a hard battle.

It turns out, that the smallest complain inside your head turns our aura from 10 feet strong to 2 feet strong. Which means, we are the most powerful and effective if we are doing the right things. Coincidentally, the rights are the universal rights for everyone.

All difficult things are actually easy, if we focus on growth and happiness by getting out of the ego that slays us even when we don’t know.