Most important. Period.

The most important work is not the work. The most important work is the energy with which the work is done.

If the energy with which the work is done is right, small mistakes are easily avoided. On the contrary, wrong energy rarely reaches the heart of the customer.

High energy work, by the way, does not emerge accidentally. It comes from having self respect sans ego, coupled with burning obsession to to wonderful work, that creates miracles.

Steve Jobs rightly said, “Everything we see around us was built by people no different from you and I.”

If there could be one statement you would build your life around, the above would be that.

Since the above statement is true, then ego / hurt / resentment/ injustice/ headwind / inadequate compensation in the short term / politics/ gossips are simply worthless because they have only that much power that we yield them.

No more.