The delusion

The delusion is that the person in the mirror is the most important.

The reality is that it is most important

  • to treat yourself rightly
  • to be bulletproof in allowing anyone to attack you
  • to work hard in solitude even when no one gives you the credit
  • to say no to distractions

And when this person in the mirror steps out into the world, it is all about other people: how to make them be good, be more amazing, be powerful from within and more than anything else, believe in themselves by looking at the way you stunningly live your life.

The other way to live is to not to work upon your inner architecture and then expect the validation of people around you, which ultimately, rests your happiness on their moods. That is probably not a very good way to live.

Since it is going to be hard either way, why not be authentic in your own life and let the work and your aura do the talking?