Passing the marshmallow test

The very famous marshmallow test asks a bunch of kids to resist eating a marshmallow when they feel like having it. And when they did resist it, the researcher would come back and give them two marshmallows to eat.

It is now, very important to think, are we resisting the fun of a smaller degree to have happiness and fulfilment in the long run? Or probably eating metaphorical burger instead of going for a walk after a nutritious meal?

  • Controlled senses
  • Active intuition
  • Focus on our goals

These are just some of the benefits we derive when we resist that movie weekend with friends because we are working on a special project, or the Starbucks coffee we resist at the airport because the morning workout needs space to do the work.

The other way, to eat the marshmallow, is to simply do whatever you feel like. Consequently, that life will give you everything other than financial freedom, passion for work, hunger for delivering outrageous value, and most importantly, being your best.

We do not need more time. We just need to decide.