Happy Independence Day

We all know what our freedom fighters did to free the nation.

We also know how painstakingly the military troops are always on the top of their services sacrificing their family time to be at our service.

Also, we know what will grant us freedom from the self-imposed prisons which are jailing ourselves.

The question is not whether we know or not, the question is are we willing to sacrifice our desires of lower nature (watching that series on Netflix, going for that event when we know we should be creating our product, saying yes to distracting friends, etc.) in order to achieve a desire of higher nature (writing and publishing that book, letting go of toxic influences, letting go of our limiting beliefs, checking our own patterns, etc.)

That day, is the real Independence Day.

The best part is, as you grow in the journey of life versus staying stagnant, you are going to face Independence Days to the degree you had never imagined before.