Use rudeness as your ally

He is rude. Bad. Unjust. Unfair. Incongruent with his own words.

All that said and being the truth, are you making sure that what he does to you, you do not repeat that to yourself?

People are going to be rude to us in many different ways. It is called origin story by Seth Godin. A random event that occurred.

What we do next, is our response to the stimulus. The response that Victor Frankl used to come out of the holocaust, not only physically, rather also mentally and emotionally. The response that we intuitively know is right for us and will save us our life, literally. The response that will free us from the bondages that have been jailing us.

The response, that, has to supersede all the decorations used as a means to conceal what was shown to you in reality.

“Why stay in prison when the door is wide open?”