Intention is power

Someone may discard the love of his life based on his mood swings multiple times, and then try to get her back because he thinks that his chauvinism needs this.

Someone may decide to stay in a soul-sucking job for long and yet reject job offers to inflate their ego.

Another one may just never be kind with their family, because they probably measure love by money and not by internal emotional bonds.

A job worker in a new job may decide never to learn the required skills and learn the right because it requires a little more hours than 0930 to 1830 to develop the right attitude and be bang on with the tasks they are paid to creatively do.

Or probably, someone may keep old mistakes of colleagues thinking their seniority demands it.

Just for the information of the souls like above around you, if any, seniority / greatness / success / healthy and trustworthy relationship / business growth and prosperity: all depend on how much more we give than is expected out of us, and with how much true love (and not to prove it to them) we allow deliverables or emotions to pass through us.

Look out and thou shalt find folks carrying hurt, resentment, anger, guilt like a kangaroo carries her baby: protectively.

Decide now, to be the opposite.