Driven by values

Go to a corporate culture and without fail, you will find the water cooler gang, the sad underpaid mood swings prone worker and the aggressive hurt worker.

In that very zone, you will find a diluted minority who will be chilled out, creating explosive productivity like never before, and staying ultra positive in the process.

Any guesses who will be happier and who will be promoted with a great pay raise and a fat bonus?

The two of these categories of people were born the same. Though their upbringing might have differed, the choice to go on a path was always available to them as they became adults, as they have now.

What is the viable option for the stuck majority?

In reality, there is a reason why they are the majority: because most people don’t think about what they are driven by. Since they do not know what are they driven by, they let the circumstances, situations and the majority drive them. And the vicious cycle to contribution to majority continues……unless of course, a human with the onus of their life is driven by internal life changing values.

You are just one choice away from a life changing experience. Fortunately, you get to make that choice as a discipline of life, and not once a week or month.