Turning gifts into opposite of gifts

The era of being “online” has brought the world so close that the opportunities available to a blue collar worker are more than the President of the most powerful country 20 years ago.

However, with great power comes great responsibility. A VIP is never always available to the world. They have a planned out, methodical way of living and flawlessly execute around those and review their life consistently. Also, when they are available to the world for the very little time, they are fully present and contributing.

While, no need to travel far to find a victim. We all know how least they think about themselves and how much opinions of others matter to them, i.e., depending primarily on notifications to decide their moods.

It is either this side or that, no middle route.

Btw, a consequential tip: Not doing the work to become a pro is as difficult as just doing it. So why not adopt the right path?