Fashion and lifestyle design

Sitting idle and checking the phone is the newest in thing. Using abusive language is the fashion. Wait a minute.

These all are fashions induced to us by our environment and influences.

If we are so inclined towards fashion, why not create a fashion statement of our own?

Today onwards, vocabulary that is going to come out of our mouth will be royal, that people feel blessed to hear you.

Today onwards, pledge not to speak ill of people either in front of them or behind their back: because over a period of time it is not their negativity anymore, it has become a part of our own consciousness.

Today onwards, tame your mind. How? After every 59 minutes, ask it for 60 seconds: is it okay? All is well? If no, resolve it. If yes, move ahead with happiness. We use our mind the most and do the least to protect it. This 60 second traffic control should be the best gift that we give to ourselves.