A famous temple in Mt. Abu does not allow mobile phones to be carried inside. Visitors are supposed to deposit them at the counter and get into a queue waiting for their turn to enter.

Guess what, while they are waiting, they do not have the cellphone to kill their time.

Resultantly, they end up making connections with people around.

  • Connections that seek the light of the day away from digital devices.
  • Connections that make us believe a bit more in our humanity.
  • Connections that make us feel better and happier.
  • Connections that last a lifetime: sans any attachment of give and take, simply a human connection.

An opportunity, non linear, that does not require physical labour, rather emotional labour. Labour that leaves the giver and recipient in a better frame of mind than before.

Q. How is all this possible in the first place?

A. By choosing to deposit the cellphone at the counter.

What we are not aware of, is, we can deposit the cellphone at counter at any time we wish to. What is required, is to remember that you are the master and mind is meant to obey you, no matter what.