What does your future depend on?

Your future is going to look exactly like your past, unless:

  • You change the way you think (purposefully)
  • You heal your past
  • Societal pleasures make no difference to you anymore, because you see the bigger vision
  • Life is an upward climb, not downward arrow
  • You become aware of what steals your calm and choose to be calmer by taming the mind
  • You have specific goals and you take daily, consistent actions to achieve them
  • Life to you is a beautiful gift, and not a struggle to endure
  • Your work is a measure to make the world better
  • You radiate blessings to those who’ve wronged you, understanding that only hurt people hurt people
  • Learning is your oxygen and reflection is your soul’s freshening

If your life is governed by the above principles post being hurt and lost in the past, your future is definitely going to be bright and powerful, no matter what.