Ways to think about growth

For the normal people, growth means promotion, pay raise and rise of stock market.

The ultra-achievers follow an entirely different pattern. For them growth in addition to above, means:

  • Doing the emotional labour of connecting with other human beings
  • Making the difficult choice of staying away from water cooler gossips
  • Allowing only positive life influences in your aura
  • Forgiving quickly, because you understand that everyone is on their own journey
  • Digging positive out of what seems negative (priceless quality today)

It turns out, that none of the above requires extra effort. These are our natural traits. Each one of us did these things as kids.

Just FYI, you can still be authentic and have the approval of person in the mirror, or you can be inauthentic and live with the societal approval, that fluctuates with every new kid in the block.

Like everything else in life, you have a choice.