Looking for advice

While seeking advice, seek it from those whose lives you want to be living.

Seek it from someone who is happy with their life and not sick and tired of it.

Most importantly, seek it from someone who will remain unbiased even if you do not follow their advice.

We are humans and we need guidance in order to make important decisions of our life. Just be sure you choose the person not on the basis of how much they adore you or vice versa, rather someone who will show you the path upon making your choice.

O, btw, do you meditate? Do you go into your quiet space daily? Do you take nature walks? Do you schedule no-phone hours?

If yes, here the good news: You do not need anyone’s advice. You have developed your inner wisdom and guidance to the core that decision made in that space will override anyone else’s honest advice.

What way, do you choose for yourself?

Your own inner wisdom or someone else’s unmeditated wisdom?