It will take loadza time

It takes a long, arduous, consistent effort to be great at anything and to produce genius level work.

So what does the majority do? They spend their entire lives living on the coast of mediocrity instead of burning the boats to do something magnificent.

Well here’s the fact that they ignore: Years of effort is going to pass ANYWAY. Time is going to pass away. Why not use it instead of it using us, to make the best of ourselves?

Why not leverage the platter of 24 hours that we are given each day, to purposefully live and spend our days in alignment with our biggest values and wildest dreams?

Why not?

Because we all have been conditioned since childhood to slay our dreams and be the sheep despite we were born lions.

It is this programming we need to change and from that changed mindset, take control of our days.

Do that and you will not regret anything at the age of 90.