What if no one is actually watching

The question is not about what they are thinking. Because they are not thinking anything anyway.

The question is what you are thinking when no one is watching. Not what they are thinking, what you are thinking.

We have been raised to believe that you are a wonderful person if your liked by all. In so doing, we lose up on our own identity and become the “likeable” kind.

Did you ever wonder, why bother thinking about what they think, when in anyway they cannot think anything other than gossip?

Big point here.

Go and do your biggest dreams and live your wildest fantasies. Surprisingly though, the ones who used to criticise you, will be the ones who will go to be your biggest advertisers as well.

Always remember, doing anything to prove it to them will make you feel hollow at the end. Do each and everything because you want to do it, not because someone else expected you to do so.