Why being disliked is super-important

Being disliked is far, far important than being liked and admired.

It is our critics, the naysayers, the negative comments, the dislikes, for our work that show us that are content / product / service is not for them. What could be a better audience segregation methodology for someone trying to change the world?

Also, please remember that being critiqued is the herd’s yelling to us for not leaving the status quo. What does an unaware human being do when they are uncomfortable? They shout and yell. What does an aware and stable human being do as a response? Keep walking forward on their path with peace and calm, without any judgements or distractions.

You get to decide what kind of human being you want to be.

P.S.: My new book “Fit Doesn’t Fit” about why not fitting into the crowd is the best thing you could do to yourself, and the crowd; is well in writing and will be released on June 26, 2019. Will keep you all posted on the development.

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