Let’s make it happen

Just because the world has been telling you it cannot be done, you do not need to listen to them.

There were people who said Edison has no understanding capability, there were critics who undermined Virat Kohli, there were producers who rejected Ranveer Singh until he was recognised by YashRaj banner, there was an entire British empire for 350 years fighting against Gandhi.

Odds are always stacked up in favour of the person facing the odds.

Just get out of your own way.

Look at the conversations you have with yourself: while going to bed, while looking in the mirror, while driving, while brushing your teeth. Those are the conversations that are going to shape your destiny.

Spend time with world builders and choose to let go of people who are draining your energy – which may come in many forms such as close family friends, colleagues, well-wishers (whatever that means!!).

We do not need to say “I know you” to those whom we actually know. Similarly, we know who our well-wishers actually are, without they having to claim it.

More than anything else, learn to monitor how you feel and use the universal laws of thinking right to feel right. Everything else is taken care of then.

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