Chilling and cruising

If you think chilling on the beach and cruising are the ultimate goals of entrepreneurship, you need to change the compass.

In reality, we all are entrepreneurs whether we are in a job or doing our own business. Endurance of output demands consistency of inputs. Whatever you put into your job or business, you get the results.

No two people starting the same end up being the same. Never. What does that mean? It means that no matter what is there on the tarot card reading and the position of Saturn you can always decide how your life story will pop out.

A tarot card reader had predicted for yours truly that she has consistent back ache because of the way too emotional person she is. Now emotional front is okay, however the back is perfectly alright because of daily, consistent fitness.

We all get to decide to write our fates, every moment. Scientific readings are all accurate, however they are based on the actions that we have taken in the past.

What actions will be taken in the future, is totally up to you and absolutely no one else.

That is entrepreneurship: either in job or in business.

On that note, there is nothing wrong with sitting on the beach and cruising; however for anyone tasting the joy of work, know that lasting happiness comes from being on a mission and most importantly, owning that mission every day of their lives.