Getting the extra mile

Sometimes getting the extra mile does not mean doing something extraordinary. It may mean the littlest of things like:

  • Being kind when you are expected to be offended
  • Maintaining positivity and hope when things seem to be falling apart
  • Giving understanding to a maid / someone who works for us
  • Smiling without a reason
  • Being the first one to initiate a conversation
  • Being genuinely interested in people and their stories
  • Letting go of the degree of “madness” people attribute you to
  • Preparing and rehearsing to be calm for an expected heated conversation
  • Showing up when you “must” make the excuse
  • Making peace of mind and clear conscience a priority in life, even though it may mean a financial loss in the short term
  • Not laughing at someone’s lack of common sense

And most importantly, just do your part, chill and learn to laugh at yourself.

Material success is important and everyone gets to it some or the other day. If we all could learn to master the above things in our days, we would have truly mastered the smallest things that practised consistently make the biggest differences.