How to control coincidences

In the middle of a coincidence, it is often said that there is no such thing as coincidence.

Because, in reality, we get to decide the coincidences we get to have; by the thoughts that are mirroring in our mind.

Go explore a C Class online and all you will end up seeing on the road are humongous amounts of the same car.

Think about a friend long enough and you will interact with them pretty soon, for sure anyhow you will end up interacting with them.

Think about starting a new project and everywhere you go, online or offline, thou shalt find ways to bring it to fruition.

The energy (of positivity / negativity) you put before a business interaction is exactly going to match the outcome of the meeting.

Everywhere we go, we not only take ourselves with us; we also take our thoughts and inevitably their consequences with us.

Coincidences are simply consequences of frequent, undeviating thoughts in a steady direction.

What is needed then, is a single shift in thought. And then the next thought. Then the next.*

Quicker than you think, you would have authored all the coincidences of your life.

*Not to forget, the opposing thoughts will cancel the compound interest of the previous desired thoughts. Think before you think.