Being undefeatable + embracing failure

Check out any human being you are proud of and you will find this: they fell down 7 times and got up eighth. You can either resonate with this statement or find this to be another motivational jargon – depending on whether you implement it or simply go by reading, moving ahead and without letting it sink.

Defeat is final only when you refuse to do the work. Otherwise, it was simply a detour to teach you another important lesson in the journey home.

On this note, failure is the best thing to happen to any of us. Imagine going to a movie: and everything is amazing with the protagonist: in the beginning, middle, end and climax. All cool. Is there any chance of anyone liking the movie? Zero.

So here you are: the writer and director of your movie. All you have got to do is: be undefeatable whilst facing failures.

That is the ride of a hero.

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