Growing up

As kids we wanted to grow up and conquer the world.

Sadly, we have grown up to see that we are not able to conquer even our own bad habits.

How to move from ceding control to being the master of your life, inside and outside?

By reminding yourself of who you are. You have unlimited potential to change anything you want to. This is not being said from the anchor of motivation, this is the truth. Each person, has at some point of time in their lives, has conquered a difficult storm that they hadn’t even imagined of.

How did they do it? Because there was no option.

This is what you must do to yourself. Leave no option to fail to be the master of your own thoughts and ultimately your destiny. It is not about capacity, you have infinite of that.

It is about unwavering decision and getting beyond A+ mentality to learning to deal with loads of Fs that you are going to have; and the biggest F is Faith in yourself. Nothing else.

This is called as growing up. Giving up the addiction to succeed with A+ to learning in the University of Life by accepting yourself and your failures as another detour back home.