Movements, march, activism

Going out on the road pleading against a new legislation, or the new Presidential candidate, or simply supporting a cool movement online: none of these are cool. These are simply veils to hide away from responsibility that each individual has, and we collectively as society have.

“The world is not changed by your opinion, it is changed by your example,” said the right-brained author Paulo Coelho.

Some of the not so cool, not immediate, yet patient and revolutionary activities of a brave person are (not for cowards):

  • Make a small positive change daily (in yourself)
  • Induce a change in your audience by your example
  • Spend less time on social media stalking what the whole world is up to and spending some time in solitude and meditation
  • Being kind for no reason vis-á-vis digging out reasons to be judgemental
  • Practising honesty to the point that even your biggest competitor / enemy, if any, believes every word that comes out of you.

As per the previous caveat, none of the above is as cool as simply getting on the road and shouting.

These are however the right things to do, because they ignite a spark of change that creates an invincible fire, that wind cannot dry, water cannot wet, and earthquake cannot shatter.

This is what you are looking for.

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