Broken and beautiful

Being broken, frustrated and not being able to find a solution is a great place to be; only if you want to grow. If you want to be at the same place at 95 as you were at 25 and growing in life is not cup of your tea then being broken into pieces is definitely not for you.

Every, every single challenge you are facing is here to teach you a lesson for growth. Only growth. Without exceptions. The problem is, we as human beings are so busy looking for ways to feed our ego that we can hardly see the window of opportunity that the soul will feel its nurturing and growth.

A bad day for the ego is a good day for the soul.

It all happens in your alone, quite moments: while sitting in the car back from work, while brushing your teeth, while laying your head on the bed, while walking out from the grocery store.

What you say to yourself when you are alone is going to decide your destiny. If you don’t believe it, just check your current lifestyle and check your current status of thoughts. They have to be in alignment.

Here’s the point: of you are living a beautiful and authentic life when everything is working well, you will live a beautiful and authentic life even when nothing is working. If you are cranky even in the smallest of things, don’t expect to be doing a miracle when you are broken and shattered into pieces.

Be beautiful when you are not broke, and you will be beautiful when you are broke.