Your board of advisors

When Steve Jobs returned to Apple after 12 years of his exit, he changed the fate of the company from on the verge of extinction to becoming the most valuable company on the planet.

How did he do that? One, he surrounded himself with people who were simply masters and best in the universe at the products Apple was aiming for. Two, he did several rounds of layovers of thousands of employees who did not match the Apple values.

Fast forward to your life. Are you being surrounded by people who pull you down or people on whose shoulders you change the world?

Are you taking advice from those whose lives and thoughts you are proud of or are you taking advice from the ones who love you (or pretend they do) and in so doing are demolishing your wildest and bravest dreams?

If you could do one thing, only one thing to take your life to the Next Level, be insanely strategic about whom you allow in your conversations. If you do not have uplifting people around you, you for sure have Audible / Kindle / YouTube or hard books to enrich your mind and uplift your spirits.

Do this strategically and take care of your mindset when you are surrounded with energy drainers due to work; and watch your energy levels rise.