Ignorance is bliss

Ignorance is usually not bliss if it is ignorance related to what’s most important to you.

However a lot of the times it is the best to remain ignorant w.r.t.:

  • GDP of the country (find something interesting to change instead of talking about what unpleasant is already there)
  • Whether the flight is fully occupied or not (use your air time to learn and execute)
  • What did they say about me (every person tells a fact based on their perceptive filters and it is bound to be flawed by the time it reaches you. Prefer NEVER to listen what anyone else said about you, no matter how important it is)
  • What your ex is doing on social media (you have to unfollow them in real life)
  • What size does your favourite celebrity wear (being a raving fan and being an assistant stylist are two different entities)
  • How much does your best friend earn (just love them without their income tax return, please)
  • How much do you weigh (if you really are particular about your exercise, sleep and eating habits, weight hardly matters)
  • Most importantly, the utterly powerful, the highest and the most calming ignorance that you and I must practice our entire lives is the ignorance about what other people think of you. They are simply judging because that is what they have been taught to do, they don’t know better.
  • You be better because you have been taught to let go baby.