Time is too little

Look at the big goals you have set for yourself. Look at the smile you have imagined on your parents’ faces that will come true upon you showing up to your dreams. Look at the happiness you will spread in the world when you do your most scariest fantasies.

Amidst all that, do you really want to live your life in a fantasy? Do you really want to be someone who just dreamt and never did? For sure you do not want to squander your life being wasted for things that did not amount much at the end.

All you have got on your platter is a wonderful opportunity of 24 hours when you wake up each morning. Here are some do’s and dont’s that may help in navigating through those 24 hours happily:

  • First thing upon waking, be present and think the thoughts that you want your reality to be
  • Touch newspaper only once, preferably in the middle of the day and not in morning or evening
  • Be kind and patient even when you have all the reasons to complain and grumble
  • Stay away from energy draining people and you would have saved yourself a plenty of happiness and optimism
  • Always keep expanding what’s possible for you. Become stagnant and demise begins
  • Pursue a sport / dance / any other physical activity that keeps your health in amazing envious physical condition
  • Take time to meditate and enjoy yourself alone (there is difference between alone and lonely)

And, if you are too focussed on valuing your time, do watch this 2-minute video on shopping challenge here and you will have a miracle your way.