Why do humans fear change?

Anyone who is not experiencing heightened enthusiasm and excitement for life is because they have refused to and diffused into comfort zone.

Comfort feels great only when you do a full day’s good work and then long for a great night sleep. Other than that it is killing you bit by bit internally, without you being aware of it.

Why do we fear change in the first place? Because:

  1. It involves responsibility, which means there are equivalent chances to fail and succeed.
  2. It will make you face criticism and anger not only from naysayers, also from loved ones.
  3. Dying bit by bit seems easy instead of facing the fear and living anew.

If instead of presenting all these “valid” reasons, we would consider this:

  1. We fell down multiple times before ever learning to walk.
  1. Your loved ones really want to see you happy, it is just that they are simply afraid of you failing which is inevitable in the route to success.
  1. Death is certain. It is living that is uncertain based on how we shape our days.

Change is scary. You know it. You also know that if you do not change, comfort is fatal.

There is plenty of time to die once you are dead, while there is breath in your lungs please live.

And fly.