What matters most

Set giant goals, live huge dreams and be restfully relentless in pursuit of them.

With just one remembrance: what always matters most is your family. Nothing more.

The best thing to ever happen to you are not your awards, accolades, trophies, magazine covers, clothing from Zara or shoes from Jimmy Choo, exotic vacations in Europe, or the car bigger than the cranky neighbour; what is the best is having people who not only are really happy for these achievements, rather they also ground us and also make us worthy of more of these by having our backs hard when we fall down.

So if you have been blessed with a family, however small or big, smart or dysfunctional, calm or irritating, understanding or unassuming, your family is the most important thing that could ever happen to you.


Today, be the Santa for them simply by being there for them emotionally; and thou shalt never feel a void that could not be filled with their love.