Give the world a giver

Want to grow, be happy and live an incredible life? Be a giver. Give more than what is worldly expected out of you.

Giving hardly means gifts, rather objects demystify the emotions of giver.

In a world where everyone is looking for someone else to make them feel good, being the person in whose presence others feel amazing is the best gift we could offer them.

This is the best part: you have gotta do nothing in order to give, you have just gotta be. Be calm when you are supposed to shout, be chilled out solution giver when the world is whining over what went wrong, be the wave of optimism when everyone is struggling in tides of negativity; and most importantly be the trademark of joy and unconditional acceptance when people usually judge others by the brand of clothes they wear.

Q. Till when should you understand, accept and not be raging?

A. Till the time you want yourself to be happy and healthy; so that our little problems should end up where they started; and not get stretched to cancer, diabetes and depression.

Indian mythology describes the spirits who graced the world in the Golden Age as “devta”, the Hindi version for deity. When dissected, the word means that they were givers of happiness for all and hence they became so.

If we are not giving, we are taking.

You know you don’t want to be a taker. It silently robs us of our self respect and responsibility.

Why not work on becoming a giver, an epitome of possibility and abundant inner power? That is the real competitive advantage.