Old is the new “new”

Looking for innovation? Need not go further. Rather go backwards and thou shalt find your answers lie in the obvious, the forgotten and the ancient.

If you want to feel refreshed, go not to the end of season sale at the mall, rather grab the view of sunrise and sunset sans your device.

Looking for solution to conversation with a difficult teammate? For a moment stop giving them “true” feedback and imagine how would things flow if they were performing rightly.

Peace? It is in daily little moments of looking into the mirror, eating your meals, hitting the smooth floor upon waking up, experiencing the miracle of yet another day. When this is practiced, luxury hotels with South Goa facing Arabian Sea actually become useful and we do not end up feeling we donated our hard earned money, rather utilized it perfectly. Because we already knew peace.

Want innovation? Instead of looking from people of the same industry, dig out ideas from totally unrelated industries and watch innovation booming.

Inspiration is your need? Shut down your app and do your meditation by yourself. You will find vast resources of awesomeness buried deep within you.

Often, no always, when looking for answers most do not find them because they are looking for it where everyone else is looking. If they could find them they would already be living a life of authenticity and joy most people only dream of.

Answers are always right there, we just need to look at the right (and forgotten) places.