Power and myths

We have been raised to believe that power comes from taking it away. Taking it away from whom? Those who have taken it away from someone else.

So this continuous cycle of hiding instead of being courageous, shying away instead of speaking up, and saying yes instead of a big fence of no, continues.

Blame no one for this, those who taught us an incorrect definition told what they knew was the best. No sinking into the past, just architecting the future by being aware in the present, of the incredible power you have each moment.

Wristwatch, denims, sweatshirts, designer blouses, et al, are all good if we do not attach our identity and obsess over those items. These are unreal entities human beings have yielded their power to, when in reality they do not care a dime about those and are simply donning them on to impress someone else.

There is real power in living a life when you can’t wait to shoot out of the bed every morning, be it January or June. Real power is feeling nice in doing the work for the reason to make the world better and not putting a price tag on your soul, real power is when no matter what they say and do, you do what is right for you; and also dudes and babes, real power is about enjoying the daily activities in the most childlike innocence, and not bothering to capture it in social media stories.

Real power is in feeling real, which fortunately is different for each one.