Those little things

Everything, every grand thing came from tiny, unnoticeable fragments of baby steps that made all the difference.

The journey of traveling alone overseas began with having a little courage to go to washroom alone as a kid.

Confidence to talk with anyone assertively yet politely came from someone rebuking you for non-confidence and you fortunately not listening to them.

A toned up body that fits into an XS size dress came from waking up each morning and going to the gym, while everyone else was still asleep.

That back pain came from pressing accelerator immediately after removing the foot from brake, over and over and over again.

No one ends up being indifferent to someone whom they loved so deeply, in a matter of overnight. Those were those small moments of telling and repeating to them what was wrong with them, those little moments of not trusting, those little moments of taking them for granted; and most importantly, making them realise that you don’t need them.

That feeling to hug your mother tight comes from those little moments when she understood the pain behind your laughter and tears behind a wet cheek.

A beautifully understanding friend is because you both have let go of each other’s anger and allowed the other to dance like no one else is watching.

Btw, the one grand person whom you know has tremendous levels of understanding and optimism is a result of facing difficult, never-ending wilderness of storm; yet coming out bigger, stronger, bolder.

For those new year resolutions: If everyone around is saying that you cannot make it happen, you will believe it and eventually you won’t. What if this time you trusted yourself? What if, you made things better by making things better?