Focus on people

What would be the point of accomplishing new year resolutions if you were the only person on this planet?

What would be the point of becoming a better person if there was no one whom you could give your gifts to?

What brings joy to life are the people we surround ourselves with. (FYI: what takes away joy is also the wrong people we surround ourselves with)

So if you want to accomplish your new year goals and you surely do want to, then focus on becoming a nicer person to everyone you meet on your journey through the days. It could be allowing someone else to get their car refuelled first, or initiating a wish on New Year or a festival, maybe paying for their coffee, or even sending a personalised message on birthday instead of typing in the group, and the best and kindest could be not talking bad about them when they are not around.

We always know what little thing could make someone else’s day…do that.

Here’s the catch: You can be nice to others only when you are nice to yourself. You can fulfill your commitments towards others only when you are committed to yourself.

It is a virtuous cycle.