It’s all about being fulfilled

When you are full from inside, it hardly matters whether people like what you do or not.

Rather a true challenger of status quo finds abnormal happiness when people laugh at her. An unstoppable human’s hunger is quenched when he is the hot discussion of being bold. Winners’ dopamine burst are the bricks naysayers throw at them.

All you have to take care is not to take care of what others say and you would have overcome 90% of the battle.

Take only one care, one supreme care: to never allow your full cup to be empty. Even by a drop.

How do you fill your cup? Few methods:

  • Staying away from people who take your joy away
  • More learning
  • Whenever you look into the mirror to check how you look, also look within how you feel
  • Stopping to stalk those who need to be left behind
  • Committing to what you say and doing it, or not saying a single word
  • Calling your parents
  • Laughing at yourself
  • Not laughing at anyone else
  • Going out for a random walk
  • Being yourself
  • Reading a lot, more than you could ever imagine

Lastly, remember that you are special. Those who have taught you to think you are not, have unfortunately been taught that way. Don’t listen to them. If you love yourself, you will not break the commitments you sooo lovingly made with yourself.