Kind heart and smiling face

A kind heart and smiling face – extend way beyond the bucket list of moral science subject taught to us in school.

Have a kind heart for those who make stupid as well as deliberate mistakes. Do not poke fun at them or talk about what they did wrong.

Maintain a smiling face not only when everything is cool, also when things are falling apart.

As easy may be to read those words, always remember we do not know what battles someone else is fighting, sometimes for our own family members and closest friends.

If you want to be of help to them, always make it a point to be kind and smiling to them. It is simple, forgotten and immensely powerful. Nothing, nothing could ever replace a glimpse of ease and acceptance that you have the power to give by your very nature.

It may make the day for someone who has just been diagnosed with a severe illness.

Being a charged battery in a world where most are discharged and looking up to others to lens their battery, is being the irreplaceable, most valuable asset.